Tea has three ladies assisting her with the nappy changing, feeds and stimulating the little ones. The school is divided into different rooms for the different age groups. There is a special baby section and a classroom where activities like painting, educational toy play and creative work is done as well as the optional extra mural activities which include painting and computer skills development. When a little one has a birthday, parents are welcome to bring cake, party packs, clowns etc. and all of the children join in.

We also have a full kitchen where a wholesome breakfast, a warm cooked lunch and bottles are prepared. There is a bathroom where the bigger children get potty trained and use the facilities at their convenience but ... always supervised.

On sunny days at Chubby Cheeks the children enjoy playing outside on the jungle gyms, with the balls, in the sand pit or with water play. There is also a paved area for bicycles. On rainy days, the children stay inside playing games, building puzzles or just relaxing watching a little bit of their favourite video. The children also enjoy visitors from outside who come in to do puppet shows or animal displays and once or twice a year a lady comes in to do a special pizza making day with the children.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Tea Fouché. She will set up an appointment and take you through the school.

We look forward to you, too, becoming part of our strong Chubby Cheeks family.